Google Wi-Fi is a sleek, compact and technologically advanced router. This router intrigues users with its beautiful design and excellent performance. Being a part of the elite group of ‘Wireless Mesh Routers’, Google Router has the ability to provide with a better and wider internet network. In order to use Google Router in the premises, you need to ensure proper setup of Google WiFi Router.

How To Perform Google WiFi Router Setup?

Identify a spot for your Wi-Fi Point:

You need to connect the primary Wi-Fi point to a modem by making use of an Ethernet cable.

Connect your primary Wi-Fi Point to power:google router

  1. Connect the Ethernet cable to the WAN port of the Google Wi-Fi point. Another end of the Ethernet cable will be connected into the modem.
  2. Connect your Google Wi-Fi Point into a power outlet. As you do so, a blue light begins to flash slowly, which indicates that the device is powered on and ready for setup.
  3. Place the Google Wi-Fi Point at a place where the line of sight is clear for your devices.

Download Google Wi-Fi App:

  1. You will have to download the Google Wi-Fi App on your iOS or Android mobile device.
  2. Once the app is installed, open the app, go through the terms of service and privacy policy.
  3. If you don’t want to share anonymous usage stats and crash reports, then uncheck the box corresponding to those options.
  4. After that, click ‘Get Started’. Now, you will have to perform Google Wifi login, which you can do by entering your Google email and password.

Locate and connect Google Wi-Fi Point:

  1. Launch the Google Wi-Fi app and go through the instructions to connect the app to the internet.
  2. You will have to scan the QR code after which, the app finds the Wi-Fi point automatically.
  3. When prompted, you will have to point the camera of your phone at the QR code on the base of Google Wi-Fi point. With this, your phone will be connected to Google Wi-Fi Point.
  4. Select your Wi-Fi Point’s location in the app:

To find out the location of your Google Wi-Fi Point, you will have to select the location in the app, as that will help you identify the app easily in the future. You can also create a custom label. When you are finished with it, tap ‘next’.

Set up Wi-Fi:

  1. When prompted, you will have to create a name for your Wi-Fi network followed by tapping ‘Next’.
  2. Generate a new password and then, tap ‘Create’.
  3. To turn on the cloud services, tap ‘yes, I’m in’. With this, you will allow Google to collect, store and go through the data of your network and devices to deliver you better performance, real-time network details, and all other assistance. If you want to turn off the cloud services, tap ‘No, Thanks’.

Set up Additional Wi-Fi Points

If the existing Wi-Fi Points are not able to provide you with decent internet coverage, then you will have to set up additional Wi-Fi points. You can select as to how many more Wi-Fi points you want to set up and when you have finalized the number, tap ‘Next’. You will have to place a Wi-Fi point in no more than two rooms away if you want them to perform excellently. Also, make sure to put them in an open space. After you locate a good spot for Google wireless router, plug the Wi-Fi Point into the power outlet and follow the instructions you see on the app.

  1. Make sure to hold the phone close to the Google Wi-Fi Point and after that you will have to tap ‘Add Wi-Fi Point’.
  2. Once added, tap ‘Test Now’ in order to check the Wi-Fi connection strength along with determining whether it can be shifted to a better location.

Review Your Internet Network

Once you setup all the Wi-Fi Points, you are going to see a brief picture of your Wi-Fi network along with all the Wi-Fi Points that you have set up.

Install Software

After setting up your Wi-Fi points, the app is going to download and install Google Wi-Fi software that includes the most recent features and security measures. You will have to wait until the downloading of the software takes place, as it could take 10 minutes or so. Then, your Wi-Fi points will restart and the Wi-Fi network won’t work. Once the Wi-Fi points start working, your Wi-Fi network will be up again. The LED will glow in solid teal color when the Wi-Fi points are in a working state.

With this, Google WiFi setup is complete and now, you can use the device for surfing web.

In case, you come across any problem while accessing the internet via Google Wi-Fi, then you must get in touch with Google WiFi support facility. Here are some of the most common issues for which you may require the assistance of Google Wi-Fi support:

  • Can’t reset Google Wi-Fi
  • Google Wi-Fi won't connect to modem
  • Google Wi-Fi login and password wrong
  • Google Wi-Fi app crashing
  • Google Wi-Fi with existing router
  • Wi-Fi point isn't found during setup
  • Error showing when doing Google Wi-Fi setup
  • Google Wi-Fi settings not available
  • Google Wi-Fi mesh network loses connection to internet
  • Google Wi-Fi setup network not showing
  • Google Wi-Fi failed to enable mesh networking
  • Unable to change primary Google Wi-Fi point
  • Google Wi-Fi failed to complete setup
  • Google Wi-Fi app says offline
  • Google Wi-Fi with existing router
  • Google Wi-Fi unstable
  • Google Wi-Fi connection issues

For all these issues, Google WiFi help and support facility is available with its precise assistance 24/7. To get a quick and reliable solution to any problem related to Google Wi-Fi, consult Google Wi-Fi router experts.