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How To Connect Google Wi-Fi Point?

Google Wifi Router


Before connecting the Google Wi-Fi point, you must ensure that you have powered on the modem. To plug in primary Google Wi-Fi point, the steps are bit different from that of additional Wi-Fi point.

The steps are discussed here as under:

  1. Search the ports: You will find the power and Ethernet ports at the base of your Wi-Fi point. If you are using TP-link on the hub, then twist outer shell in an anticlockwise direction. When you twist it, you will find ports under it. If the cover is bit tight, don’t be afraid to put some pressure for twisting it off. On Asus hub, you will find the ports at the back.
  2. Check power cable: Connect the power adapter to the Wi-Fi point and another end to the power outlet. When you notice orange light on it, it means the device is powered on.
  3. Check Ethernet cable: Connect Ethernet cable to the Wi-Fi point WAN port given next to the icon. Plug another end to the modem port and turn it on. Wait for a while

Note: There are some buildings where there is no need for modem to access the internet. So, you can plug the router directly to the Ethernet jack given in the wall.

  1. Go online: To complete the setup process, you must connect to Google wifi app and follow on-screen instructions. This process can be done even before connecting the Wi-Fi points. For setting up a new Wi-Fi, Over to Google Wi-Fi app and click on side menu from the left corner. Follow on-screen instructions and add a new Wi-Fi point.

Note: If you find the above-mentioned steps don’t work for you, you can contact Google Wi-Fi manufacturer.

How to setup an Additional Wi-Fi point?

  1. Search for ports: You will find the ports at the bottom of the Wi-Fi point. As discussed for primary Wi-Fi point, you need to twist the TP-link onhub in an anticlockwise direction to let the ports out. In Asus on Hub, you will find ports near the base.
  2. Check power cable: Connect the router to the power supply with the help of a power adapter. Connect one end of the cable to the router and another to the power adapter. You will find orange light start glowing on Google Wi-Fi.
  3. Get online: If you have not done the setup process yet, then open the app and follow on-screen instructions. Go to google Wi-Fi app and select ‘New Wi-Fi point’. Go to ‘Side menu’ button from the top-left corner. Read instructions on the page to complete the setup process.



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