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How To Fix ‘Wi-Fi Point Isn’t Found’ Problem Encountered During Google WiFi Setup?

Google Wifi Router

Is your Google Wi-Fi point playing Hide-n-seek with you? We can understand, how disappointed you will be with this act. Let’s find out some solution.

The issue can be like the Wi-Fi point is not connecting properly. First of all, check whether the cables and power are properly in its place or not.

1st step: Find the ports

You will find the power and the Ethernet ports at the back of your Google WiFi Setup point near base.

If you are using the TP-link hub, then twist the shell to right to check the hidden ports.

2nd step: Check the power cable

You must ensure that the power adapter is connected to the Wi-Fi point and to the power socket at home. You will find the power led on the top indicate that it’s working.

3rd step: Check Ethernet cable

Connect the Ethernet cable to the Wi-fi point port from the bottom and plug another end of the cable to the modem. It must be remembered that the modem is turned on before making the connections.

4th step: Get online

Place the mobile device close to the Google wi-fi and open Wi-Fi app. You will find the Google WiFi Help now gets connected to the internet.

The color of light on your Wi-Fi point will now change to amber or blue from white.

If you discover that the Google Wi-Fi app is still not able to find your Wi-Fi point, then open Wi-Fi settings of your phone and check the network that matches with the Wi-Fi point. Try connecting to it with the help of setup code given at the bottom of the device.

Go back to the Wi-Fi app and carry on.

If the Wi-Fi point is not connecting to the internet

In case you notice that the Google WiFi Support point is not getting internet connection from the modem, you can follow the steps mentioned below:

  • Disconnect your modem and Wi-Fi point from the supply.
  • Wait for 5 minutes.
  • Connect the modem and the Wi-Fi point back to the power supply and wait for few minutes.
  • If you are setting up the Wi-Fi point, then relaunch the app from your mobile and try again.

You will find blue light continuously pulse when the Google Wi-Fi point is ready for setup.

Other possible reasons

  1. Problem with fiber or DSL internet: If you are using the direct connection method to the modem, then enter the login details required for PPPoE account only after which you will get access to the internet through the modem. If you don’t know the login details of your PPPoE account, you can contact ISP. In most cases, the username and password are always ‘Admin’.
  2. Static IP: Using Static IP these days is not as common as a dynamic one. If you are using Static IP, then contact the ISP and ask the details about the same. You need to enter these details into WAN settings.

This way you will be able to connect to the internet from the Wi-Fi point.


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